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Reliable, accurate, computer translation software is extremely difficult to program because individual words enter into diverse frames of reference in which they translate differently. LingTech’s JGL programming language was engineered to facilitate not only text analysis and intra-lingual text management, but also for translation between language.

JGL was engineered to enable the translation programmer to construct frames of reference of unlimited scope and context sensitivity without being distracted by the need to manage the bits and bytes that constitute the focus of conventional programming languages.

Given the explosion of the Internet and the burgeoning global economy with their escalating demands for multi-lingual documentation and information distribution, translation functionality integral to conventional text preparation software promises to qualify as a killer app.

A translation model not yet implemented but on the LingTech agenda is the Round-Trip-Transit (RTT) model. the source text makes the trip into Russian, say, and then back into English, which you then compare for conformance with the original.

Such a model is ideal for writers/translators with less than native competence in both source and target languages.

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