The Internet Writing Lab


Students, Are You Ready to Learn?

As a student, one of the most frustrating experiences is to spend a significant amount of time writing an essay or other written assignment and get little if any individual feedback from your teacher. Sometimes it may be only a simple check mark at the top of the page noting that you have finished the assignment and that it has been recorded in the teacher’s record book.

You know that your teacher just doesn’t have the time to make detailed comments about your writing style and the content of your paper. But how are you suppose to improve your writing if all you get back is a simple check mark.

By using the Internet Writing Lab you will now get detailed individual feedback on how you can become a better writer based on your own writing. You can even learn how to raise test scores by improving composition skills.

Teachers, Take Notice

Let’s face it. Today with increasing class sizes and all of the additional responsibilities that are placed upon teachers in today’s class room, where can you find the time to give more than a few writing assignments to your students. There just isn’t enough time to grade and give constructive individual feedback to each student.

Teachers who use the Internet Writing Lab with their students are able to make more writing assignments without getting buried in the paper work. The Internet Writing Lab handles all of the mechanical work of checking student papers for spelling and grammar mistakes. It teaches students basic grammar rules using their own writing. It gives detailed feedback about how they are doing compared to other measures of writing.

Using the Internet Writing Lab will free up your time to focus on the more enjoyable and subjective aspects of writing. Areas that you just can’t find the time to approach.

Professional Writers

As a professional writer, the last thing that you want to worry about is allowing a minor spelling or grammar error to slip into your articles or ad copy unnoticed. Besides being and embarrassment, it distracts the reader and immediately displays the message “Amateur”.

The Internet Writing Lab takes care of this problem. Because Junction Grammar is so much more advanced in capturing the nature of natural language, the Internet Writing Lab catches errors in writing that other word processing software can’t even begin to find.