Linguistic Technologies is making significant advances in the areas of natural language research and development using Junction Grammar, the most advanced theory and model of natural language available today.

From students and professors to business users, Linguistic Technologies is making a difference in the world with its current lineup of software products that are being used in business, elementary schools, high schools, colleges, universities all over the country.

Following is a list of products that are currently available from Linguistic Technologies, Inc. Take a look at how Linguistic Technologies is changing the way the world looks at natural language. Click on the link below to find out more about these exciting products.

WordMASTER – 3000 word vocabulary mastery program

WordMAP I – English spelling, grammar and style checker

WordMAP II – Natural language profile generation

WordMAP III – Research and development tools

Language Included – Junction Grammar instructional courseware

Internet Writing Lab – New writing aids tools for students and professionals

New Development Projects:

Linguistic Technologies is currently working on several significant projects that promise to be innovative and world changing. Click on the links below to discover what is now happening at Linguistic Technologies, Inc.

JGBuild, Diagram-IT (I and II) – Computer-Assisted Sentence Diagramming

Tandem – Computer assisted text management and analysis

Link – JGPL proposed design for language translation applications.

JGoogle – Internet search relevancy project based on natural language profiles.

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